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CV.Jevico Abadi Makmur

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CV.Jevico Abadi Makmur
CV.Jevico Abadi Makmur
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Name:Mr. Rico/koentro [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
WhatsApp: 087788777813 087788777813
Mobile Number:085281519995
Phone Number:021-99977705
Fax Number:021-88978981
Address:Bulevard blok H3 harapan indah
Bekasi 117131, Jawa Barat
email : jevicomakmur@ yahoo.co.id
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Registration Date:Nov. 20, 2011
Last Updated:Aug. 29, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Company Brief

Jevico Makmur is one, s of company that specialized in warehousing tools and Machinery Equipment second as like : Wooden Pallet , Steel Pallet , Forklift , reactruck , Diesel , Battery, Gas, Elpiji, Material Handling , Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, TCM, Mitsubishi, and wheel loader, motor grader, escavator, road roller, dozer.....Etc.

words ;
sewa, kobelco, alat berat, beko alat berat, penjualan alat berat, supplier alat berat, alatberat, mesin alat berat, photo alat berat, alat berat pertambangan, bull dozer, hitachi, cat excavator, tractor, grader, bulldozer, cat bulldozer, back hoe, heavy equipment, construction machines, volvo, drilling machine, sumitomo, excavators, used equipment, used excavator, caterpillar, buldozer, forklift, forklift toyota, forklift bekas, forklift komatsu, yale forklift, crown, forklift trucks, forklift battery, forklift parts, forklifts, forklift truck, forklift batteries, forklift bekas, jual forklift bekas, forklift service, forklift parts, lift truck, reachtruck, spare parts, forklift indonesia, harga forklift bekas, catalog spare parts, road rollers, compactor,
tandom roller, pneumatic roller, roller conveyor, compaction, wheel loader bekas, wheel loader, jual wheel loader, harga wheel loader, used wheel loader, wa 500, WA 800, PC 200, PC 300, PC 1000

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